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    Sodium dichloroisocyanurate

    Sodium dichloroisocyanurate

    Product Name

    Sodium dichloroisocyanurate




    As a kind of disinfectant, it can sterilize drinking water, swimming pool, tableware and air, fight against infectious diseases as routine disinfection, preventive disinfection and environmental sterization in different places, act as disinfectant in raising silkworm, livestock, poultry and fish, and also can be used to prevent wool from shrinkage, bleach the textile and clean the industrial circulating water. The product has high efficiency and constant performance and has no harm to human beings. It enjoys good reputation both at home and abroad.


    White powder, granule, or tablet

    Effective Cl


    PH(1% solution)



    8~30mesh,20~60mesh(or decided by customer)


    1g/tablet,5g/tablet,15g/tablet,50g/tablet,200g/tablet, (or decided by customer)

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    • Sodium dichloroisocyanurate
    • Sodium dichloroisocyanurate
    • Sodium dichloroisocyanurate
    • Sodium dichloroisocyanurate
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